Doraemon Hotel Horror Game

Doraemon Hotel Horror Game players will enter a horrifying and mysterious journey with Doraemon and friends. In an unwitting adventure, they face supernatural and dark events at an old hotel, where scary stories from the past reappear.
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About to Doraemon Hotel Horror Game Mobile

Hello everyone, today we will explore a dramatic and bizarre game called Doraemon Hotel Horror Game APK. This is a unique version, inspired by the famous Doraemon comic series, but with a completely new style, transforming Doraemon from a lovely character into a mysterious horror world. Please join me in discovering details about this game below.

Doraemon Hotel Horror APK game is not only an entertaining game, but also a magical journey that takes players into the mysterious and bizarre world of Doraemon. Developed by a group of gamers passionate about horror experiences and the Doraemon universe, this game promises to take you on a challenging and exciting adventure.

Overview for Doraemon Hotel Horror APK

Doraemon Hotel Horror Game APK is an adventure horror game with impressive graphics, scary music, and an engaging storyline. In the game, you will play as Nobita, Doraemon and his best friends to explore a hotel haunted by evil spirits. Your mission is to find out the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of the people and find a way to escape from this scary hotel.

Doraemon Hotel Horror Game is a bizarre horror genre developed by a group of passionate programmers. In the game, you will be taken into the context of an abandoned hotel where Doraemon and his friends have turned into scary elements. Your mission is to uncover the hotel’s mystery, solve puzzles, and try to survive stalked by horror characters.

Feature of Doraemon Hotel Horror Game For Android

  • Deep plot: Doraemon Hotel Horror Game APK has a complex story, giving players attraction and excitement through each stage of the game.
  • Diverse gameplay: Players will experience many different types of missions, from solving mysteries to running away from scary ghosts.
  • Beautiful graphics: Designed with high-quality 3D graphics, the game offers a great visual experience with an abandoned hotel with beautiful graphics and dramatic sounds, creating a horror atmosphere.
  • Dramatic sounds: Scary music and sound effects will enhance the suspense during gameplay.
  • Interact with familiar characters: Meet Doraemon, Nobita and other characters in a new and bizarre appearance, adding depth to the game.
  • Action and skills: Use special skills to deal with horror characters and solve mysteries.
  • Explore the hotel: Roam mysterious rooms, looking for hints and important items to progress further in the game.
  • Exciting challenges: Face tough challenges, defeat enemies and collect points to unlock new features.

How to play, gameplay Doraemon Hotel Game iOS

In the game, you will control the main characters of Doraemon to explore the haunted hotel and solve mysteries. You need to learn about the history and strange events that happened at the hotel, while avoiding the dangers and ghosts that lurk. How to reach the final goal, you will have to find out information and reach consensus with other characters.

You will have to solve puzzles, collect objects and avoid horror characters. Your special skills will help you survive in dangerous environments.

Configuration, graphics Doraemon Hotel Latest version

Doraemon Hotel Horror APK has a relatively light configuration, suitable for most mobile devices. The game’s graphics are carefully cared for, creating a scary and mysterious environment, helping to create an engaging experience for players.

Doraemon Hotel Horror Game APK requires an Android device with average configuration and supports operating system versions from Android 5.0 and above. The graphics in the game are beautifully designed, with sharp colors and impressive special effects.

Pros and Cons Doraemon Hotel Horror Game APK


  • The plot is deep, fascinating and mysterious.
  • Quality graphics and music.
  • Diverse and challenging gameplay.
  • A unique combination of Doraemon and the horror genre.
  • Challenge and tension in the gameplay.


  • May be too bizarre and scary for some players.
  • Requires average configuration.
  • Not suitable for some younger players.
  • Need to improve performance on some older devices.


Doraemon Hotel Horror Game APK is an exciting horror game, suitable for those who love the adventure genre and thrilling experiences. With stunning graphics, engaging storylines and diverse gameplay, this game is one of the best choices for those who want to challenge their bravery in the magical world of Doraemon.

Doraemon Hotel Horror Game is a unique combination between the lovely world of Doraemon and the horror genre, creating an exciting and dramatic experience for players. If you are a lover of both of these elements, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this game. Get ready to face bizarre challenges and mysteries in Doraemon Hotel!