Potion Permit

Potion Permit Mobile APK is an exciting role-playing game with an intriguing storyline and diverse gameplay. With caring for residents and developing the town, players will experience the life of a chemist in Moonbury town. Join now to explore this magical world!
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Unveil the Magical World of Potion Permit APK!

Potion Permit APK is an engaging role-playing game that puts you in the shoes of the most skilled chemist of the Medical Association, tasked with healing and caring for the residents of the town of Moonbury. This game offers a unique experience with vibrant graphics, deep gameplay, and a colorful world to explore.

Potion Permit Android is a simulation game depicting life in the town of Moonbury, where you will play as a chemist sent to heal the residents and convince them of the benefits of modern alchemy. With beautiful graphics and compelling storytelling, the game promises to provide players with unique and enjoyable experiences.

Experience Life in Moonbury Town with Potion Permit

In Potion Permit Game, you will embark on an exciting adventure to heal the residents of Moonbury by diagnosing illnesses, collecting ingredients, and brewing suitable remedies. Additionally, you will develop Moonbury town, upgrade infrastructure, and build relationships with residents to earn their trust and find love.

Potion Permit APK is a fresh game where you assume the role of the most skilled chemist of the Medical Association. Throughout your journey in Moonbury town, you will care for residents by diagnosing and treating illnesses while building relationships and changing their lives. The game offers a wholesome, colorful space and a unique potion-making lifestyle.

Key Features Secret Healing and Town Building

  1. Caring for Moonbury residents: Diagnosing illnesses, collecting ingredients, and brewing medicines for healing.
  2. Healing the town: Upgrading buildings, expanding centralized areas, and changing residents’ lives.
  3. Building relationships: Earning residents’ trust and finding love.
  4. Collaborating with a loyal dog companion: Your dog companion accompanies you everywhere and assists you in your tasks.
  5. Wholesome world: Relax in a colorful world and live the potion-making life.

Gameplay of Potion Permit Game APK Android

The Game Potion Permit, you will control your character to visit the town’s residents, diagnose and treat them using your chemical skills. Additionally, you will interact with other characters in town, build relationships, and develop Moonbury town.

Potion Permit Mobile immerses players in a rich and unique world, where you undertake healing tasks and interact with Moonbury residents. Developing the town and building relationships are key to success.

Tips and Tricks Upgrade Buildings Potion Permit APK

  • Always check skills and necessary ingredients before diagnosing illnesses.
  • Collect ingredients intelligently to optimize the potion brewing process.
  • Invest in upgrading infrastructure to improve healing efficiency.
  • Build good relationships with residents to gain trust and support in life.

Configuration, Graphics Magical Journey Potion Permit Online

  1. Configuration: Compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Graphics: Vibrant, bright colors creating a lively world.
  3. Improved interface: Ensures smooth player experience.
  4. Game Center Achievements: Connect with the community and competitors.
  5. Cloud Save: Share progress across Android devices.
  6. MFi Controller Compatibility: Optimizes gaming experience.

Pros and Cons Develop Moonbury Town – Potion Permit


  • Vibrant graphics and bright colors.
  • Deep gameplay and many features.
  • Unique and creative gameplay.
  • Engaging and profound storyline.
  • Expansive world and town development.
  • High interaction with residents and the town.


  • Requires high system resources.
  • May require time investment to understand the game.

Community Feedback

  1. I really like how the game combines medicine and town development. Very deep and interesting!
  2. The game’s graphics are truly amazing! The colors are eye-catching and detailed.
  3. Needs more guidance for new players. Not easy to understand the features and skills.

Developer’s Comments

Potion Permit game APK is developed with careful consideration and dedication from the development team. We hope that players will enjoy the unique experience of the game and be satisfied with all its aspects.

We are proud of the diversity and depth that Potion Permit brings to players. Community care is our top priority, and we always listen to feedback to improve the player experience.


  1. How to collect ingredients?
    • You can collect ingredients from various areas in the town and its surroundings.
  2. How to upgrade infrastructure?
    • You can upgrade infrastructure using collected resources.
  3. Is there a way to enhance character skills?
    • You can enhance character skills by completing tasks and achieving goals in the game.
  4. How to best care for residents?
    • Upgrade medical buildings and use appropriate medicines.
  5. How to share progress across devices?
    • Use the Cloud Save feature to synchronize progress.


Potion Permit APK is an excellent combination of medicine and simulation, providing players with a unique and profound gaming experience. With vibrant graphics, diverse features, and an engaging storyline, this is a game worth trying for all fans of the genre.

Potion Permit Game is not just an entertainment game but also a journey of exploration of creativity and trust within the community. For those who love simulation and connecting with characters, this is an experience not to be missed. Join now and become the best chemist of Moonbury town!