OG WhatsApp Pro APK is a customized app for Android users, allowing them to enjoy WhatsApp chatting and calling experience in a new way.
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Introduce to OGWhatsApp Pro APK

OG WhatsApp APK is a smart, famous and efficient application that allows users to enjoy the WhatsApp experience without being limited by the limitations of the original version. Developed by passionate developers, this app offers a host of fun and convenient features to optimize WhatsApp usage. With its unique and flexible features, this application has attracted the attention of many users around the world.

Overview of OG WhatsApp Mobile APP

OGWhatsApp Pro APK is mainly famous for its feature that allows users to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This helps you manage both personal and work accounts or take advantage of different accounts you have. Besides this, the app also offers a bunch of additional features, from interface customization to backup management and many other interesting features.

OG WhatsApp APK is a variant of the official WhatsApp app that allows you to do more interesting things than the original version. With it, you can flexibly customize the interface, security and many other features to meet your personal needs.

All Features OGWhatsApp Pro For Android

OG WhatsApp APK APP is full of the following features:

  • Integrate two accounts: Allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on the same device.
  • Interface editing: Customize and change the interface as you like with multiple themes, icons, and backgrounds.
  • Extended Security: Advanced security features with the ability to hide online status and hide passwords.
  • Custom notifications: Customize notifications for each chat or group.
  • Auto reply: Automatically reply to messages in case you can’t reply immediately.
  • Customize access permissions: Control app access to contacts, photos, and documents.
  • Backup copy: Back up all data on the application to ensure information security.
  • Private mode: This application allows hiding online status, hiding reading messages and many other privacy options.
  • Download status: You can download other users’ status.
  • High-quality video calling: This helps you have higher-quality video calls with friends and relatives.
  • Send videos up to 100MB: You can share larger videos compared to the original WhatsApp version.
  • Block calls from contacts: You have the right to block calls from phone numbers you choose.

How to use OG WhatsApp APK Latest version

Using OGWhatsApp Mobile APP is an easy process. After downloading and installing, you need to verify your phone number. Once verified, you can select the account you want to use and customize the settings as desired. Then you can start using both WhatsApp accounts on the same device. All customization features and settings are available in the app’s settings menu.

Note when using OGWhatsApp Premium APP

Although OG WhatsApp APK offers many useful features, you should note that using this application may violate WhatsApp’s terms of use. Please use this app responsibly and consider your security options.

Note that OGWhatsApp APP Android is not an official application developed by WhatsApp Inc. Therefore, you should use it carefully and consider personal information security. Using this version may result in getting your WhatsApp account locked.

Pros and Cons OG WhatsApp Update Beta


  • Powerful customization features.
  • High quality video calling.
  • Download other people’s status.
  • Block calls from contacts.
  • Ability to use two WhatsApp accounts on one device.
  • Interface and notification customization features.
  • Extensive security and customizable access rights.


  • Not officially supported.
  • Risk of account being locked.
  • Violates WhatsApp’s terms of use
  • Sometimes regular updates are needed to maintain compatibility.

User Reviews OGWhatsApp APK Download

OG WhatsApp APK Pro users have expressed satisfaction with the dual account feature and interface customization. However, they also admit that regular updates are needed to avoid unnecessary problems.

Reviews from OGWhatsApp APK users show that they like the flexibility of this app, especially the ability to customize the look and feel and security. However, some people are worried about the risk of their account being locked when using this version.


Why use OG WhatsApp APK?

OGWhatsApp APK Premium allows you to customize WhatsApp in ways that the original version does not allow. It offers strong security and customization features.

Is it safe to use OGWhatsApp APK?

OG WhatsApp APK is not the official version, therefore, you should use it carefully and understand that there is a risk of getting your account locked.

Where can I download this application?

OGWhatsApp APK is not available on the official app store, but you can search on trusted sites like APK.MOM.


OGWhatsApp Pro APK is a powerful tool for users who want to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device. However, please use it responsibly and consider the security risks. It has attracted the interest of many users but needs to be maintained through regular updates.

OG WhatsApp Premium APK is a great choice for those who want to take advantage of greater security and customization features on this popular messaging app. However, you should use it with caution to avoid security issues and account lockouts. Consider the benefits and risks before deciding to use OGWhatsApp APK.